Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for June 18


You might wish you had sorted out a family issue earlier. If you had done so you might not be going through the stress, tension and arguments of today. Still, you can’t turn the clock back and you have no choice now but to deal with the consequences of someone else’s irresponsible behaviour.


You’re annoyed with the lack of support coming from those in senior positions. If you have to take charge of a group project, be sure to offer praise where it has been earned and encouragement where it is needed. Be conscious of your tone when offering constructive criticism.


There are ways to take control of your financial situation. If money or legal issues have been causing you sleepless nights, talk to a professional. You’re worrying about things that may never happen. An expert will give you the assurance you need to move forward with more hope and positivity.


Hopes are moving closer to realisation. Respect and recognition for your contribution to a group effort will confirm your efforts have been appreciated. People in high places are aware of your talents. Don’t be surprised if you soon get an offer of promotion or a new job role.


It will make sense to stop and think about it before taking up a chance to invest your savings in new areas. Do you know exactly how a scheme works and are those promoting its potential being honest with you? Before signing your name to anything, find out more.


Rather than dwelling on a situation you cannot change, get on with it. Instead of anticipating how awful an appointment, test or meeting is going to be, tell yourself it’s going to be okay. Things aren’t as dire as you might think. You’re going through a tough phase but it is also a progressive one.


If you genuinely feel something is unfair, fight for what you believe in. If you’ve been hit with a parking ticket that is incorrect, appeal. If a colleague is taking unfair advantage of a policy that is meant to benefit you all, take your concerns to a superior.


Worries about doing the right thing will have its roots in an old disappointment. You aren’t repeating a past mistake by taking a chance on new arrangements. Plans you are now making have positive potential. Step forward with renewed hope and confidence.


It is not like you to hold back from getting involved in events going on that usually attract your interest. Something is making you hesitate. If you feel suspicious of someone or if an offer doesn’t sound right for you, trust your intuition. It’s important to look after your own interests.


You like to think of yourself as being practical but you also have an amazing imagination. It just needs room to grow and expand. To prove this to yourself, why not return to a hobby, artistic or creative pursuit you abandoned in the past? Switch off from the mundane and your artistic impulses will come flooding back.


It is becoming apparent now why a senior colleague passed on a difficult task to you. Their vague instructions make it difficult for you to decide exactly what it is that’s being expected of you. In a situation like this, all you can do is draw on your previous experience on how to get the job done.


A friend, neighbour or relative who is stuck in their ways expects your support in an issue they feel strongly about. Their stubborn attitude is making life difficult for everyone and having to try to persuade them that there are other perspectives is your idea of torture.

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