How to get rid of bugs from patio using ‘great’ TikTok hack

As soon as the weather warms up, Brits will flock to their gardens to spend time outside – we only get a few weeks of good weather after all, if that.

But sometimes, pesky flies can spoil your fun which might leave you feeling annoyed – and grossed out.

There’s nothing worse when you’re trying to host a BBQ or some drinks than flies buzzing around relentlessly around people’s heads, with your mates swatting them away and cursing.

But if you’ve tried everything you can, one woman has a hack you perhaps haven’t thought of – and people have been hailing it as “genius”.

User @yana_mom took to TikTok to show how to “keep the flies away this summer”.

She could be seen moving her bins, and flies were teeming underneath leaving many feeling sick.

The woman wrote over the top of her video: “POV: You try the Pine Sol hack to get rid of flies and…”

The cleaning guru could then be seen pouring Pine Sol over her patio, and scrubbing it with a mop, and in the next few seconds she claimed “it really works”.

She then put her bins back in a fly-free area in her garden. In the comments, people said: “I definitely need to try.”

Some people were left feeling sceptical about how long this hack would work for.

Someone asked: “How often does this need to be done? Do you know by any chance?”

In the replies, one person wrote: “Have fun scrubbing every single day cause this only works for a couple hours max.” Another added: “Every single day.”

Pine Sol can be purchased from Amazon in the UK, but the equivalent over here is Dettol. The product apparently keeps flies at bay thanks to its distinct scent that flies hate. Would you give it a go?

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