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Lady Louise Windsor, much like Princess Kate, has chosen to maintain a private and discreet approach to her personal relationships. As the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, Lady Louise has grown up within the public eye but has consistently favored a low-profile lifestyle, appearing at a select few royal engagements.

The 20-year-old royal recently competed for the first time in the Sandringham Horse Driving Trials in Norfolk last month, and was supported by a university friend, Felix da Silva-Clamp. The two are believed to have met at St Andrews University in Scotland, where Lady Louise is studying English Literature.

Royal commentator, Gareth Russell, speculated on when an appropriate time would be to introduce any future partner to the Royal Family. He told GB News a bigger leap would be “introducing them to the public and allowing that amount of speculation” into a private life.

Gareth explained how Louise is likely taking a leaf out of Prince William and Princess Kate’s book, who dated for a decade before tying the knot in 2011: “With the relationship between William and Catherine, there was a lengthy period of which it was private.”

The royal commentator added: “The bigger step with any relationship for a senior or junior member of the Royal Family would be letting the public know for certain that it’s happening.”

Commenting on Prince William‘s early days dating Kate, he explained: “Certainly many members of the Royal Family knew about it and knew her. But it’s a very different thing between talking to your family and discussing it with the public.”

Prior to becoming the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and later, the Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate had built a strong foundation as friends while they were students at St. Andrews University. While William was studying Geography, Kate was enrolled in Art History. During their second year at university, the pair lived together in a home with a few other friends.

The royal couple, who first met in 2001, went on to marry in a stunning ceremony in April 2011 – a beautiful occasion that was watched by millions around the globe.

During William’s engagement interview with ITV News in 2010, he explained: “When I first met Kate, I knew there was something very special about her, and then I knew there was possibly something I wanted to explore there, but we ended up being friends for a while.”

While Lady Louise competed at the Sandringham Horse Driving Trials in Norfolk, and won a silver medal, Felix was snapped supporting his friend on June 28. Louise took part in the dressage event sporting a black helmet, overcoat and matching gloves while Felix wore grey chinos and a jacket.

King Charles‘s niece is often spotted at carriage driving competitions after she made her debut in the sport three years ago. Her passion for carriage driving was sparked by the late Prince Philip, her grandfather, who adored the sport.

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, were also present, cheering Louise on and showing support for their daughter, while Prince Edward was pictured giving his daughter a hug.

The two friends are thought to have met while studying at St Andrews University, with images on social media showing the pair previously pictured together at a party.

Lady Louise’s preference for keeping her personal life under wraps not only allows her to navigate her relationships away from the public gaze but also reflects a broader trend among younger members of the Royal Family to prioritise personal privacy amidst their public roles.

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