Meghan Markle’s royal transformation as fans wowed by throwback snaps | Royal | News

A video montage of Meghan Markle’s transition from an actress into the Duchess of Sussex has left fans of the Royal family in shock.

The clip, posted to TikTok, begins with throwback snaps of the 42-year old in her days starring in the American legal drama, Suits.

Her life – and her style – began to change in 2016 after meeting her now-husband Prince Harry on a trip to London. The pair fell in love “incredibly quickly,” according to the Duke of Sussex, and they quickly entered into a long-distance relationship before Meghan relocated across the pond.

Meghan quit acting in 2017 before marrying Harry in May 2018 and embarking on what was expected to be a life of royal duties – only for the pair to announce they were stepping down in January 2020 following months of speculation of “tension” in the family.

Now a mum-of-two, Meghan has largely refrained from returning to the screen – though the Netflix docu-series, Harry & Meghan, proved an instant hit following its release in December 2022 and all but ruled out a return to royal life in the future.

The TikTok clip, captioned “From this to this,” opens to a snap of Meghan dressed casually in a baseball cap, black t-shirt and denim jeans.

Futher snaps show off more of the former Hollywood star’s looks in stark contrast to the more sophisticated displays she is now accustomed to putting on.

The transition is obvious, and divided opinions, with some suggesting she should have helped style the other Rryals in happier times, and others commenting on both eras of her wardrobe.

“Always and forever she’s a style icon,” gushed one TikTok user in response. Another penned: “She’s always had style. But you have to accept when she became a royal her style improved.”

And a third praised: “She’s beautifully evolved.” Other people weren’t so complimentary, however.

“It is despicable and not suitable for the Royal family,” one person slammed. A second hit out: “She still has zero style and does not compare to our beautiful Kate who has more style than a narcissist.”

A third user fumed: “Wish she would keep her own style and not try to be Diana.” And a fourth penned: “When the money rolls in you can clean up.”

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