Nigel Farage arrives in Parliament for first time with 6-word warning | Politics | News

Nigel Farage and his fellow Reform UK MPs arrived in Parliament for the first time this morning since their astonishing election wins last week.

Promising to “fight for you”, Nigel Farage joined his fellow right-wing MPs in Westminster Hall, the 900-year-old heart of parliament.

The ‘Reform Five’ posed on a staircase, clad in their new green and white lanyards and MP passes.

Meanwhile fellow Reform MP Lee Anderson added the stark six-word warning for Labour and the Tories: “The fox is in the henhouse”.

Joining in the celebrations of their arrival, Reform UK’s Great Yarmouth MP Robert Lowe pledged: “We will not let you down”.

“Reform has arrived in Westminster – expect to hear an awful lot more from all of us.

“I’m here to fight for Great Yarmouth, and to fight for the British people. The real work has just started…”

While James McMurdock simply tweeted: “Good morning world, it’s a brand new day”.

The news comes as Nigel Farage boasted that Reform UK is adding one new member per minute at the moment, with the party now breaking past the 65,000 mark.

He encouraged supporters to “come and join the revolt”.

Last night Reform UK slammed the Liberal Democrats after they began peddling a bizarre conspiracy theory that some of its candidates were not real.

Responding to the absurdity, chairman Richard Tice blasted: “It is a total fabricated lie that is nothing short of defamatory, libellous and utterly outrageous.

“We’ve proved it to people like them and the Guardian and still they print this utter trash an garbage.

“I’m steaming mad about it.”

MPs will begin being sworn in today, with a huge queue of the 650 representatives set to snake from the Speakers chair and out towards central lobby.

MPs will stand at the Government dispatch box and swear an oath to the King, choosing either to make a religious or non-religious statement of loyalty.

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