Only those with 20/20 vision can solve Euro 2024 brainteaser in 30s | Weird | News

A fun new football-themed brainteaser has been created to test your mind and eyesight ahead of the EURO 2024 tournament which kicks off next week.

As England won 3-0 in their first friendly against Bosnia and Herzegovina earlier in the week and excitement for the Euros builds, SeatPick have created this colourful puzzle.

To complete it, look for the hidden football ticket. But be warned, even the most eagle-eyed individuals have struggled. On average, it takes 41 seconds to crack this particularly tricky brainteaser, with one in ten participants admitting to giving up.

The football ticket is hidden amongst fans in the stadium. If you’re struggling, a handy clue is to look at the right hand side of the stadium; it’s in the hands of a fan in the lower section.

Still can’t find it? Not to panic, you can find the solved brainteaser below!

The third type, analytical brainteasers, encourages users to solve written riddles, which can be just as tricky as the mathematical kind. All three are great ways to keep your mind and eyes sharp by testing yourself while also having a bit of fun.

The Euros begin on Friday July 14, and England’s first game is on July 16 against Serbia. Hosts Germany will play the first match against Scotland.

Current odds by SkyBet have England’s chances of winning the whole competition at 10/3, a not very optimistic 23 percent chance.

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