Owen Jones warns Labour will be ‘burning skip’ in power due to Starmer | Politics | News

Owen Jones issued a blunt warning to the Labour Party, claiming it will become a “burning skip” in power as a result of Sir Keir Starmer‘s dishonesty.

His comments were made on the BBC‘s Politics Live on Thursday after Sir Keir set out his plans for Government.

Mr Jones, a former Labour Party activist, said: “The point about why I left [the Labour Party] I think, you keep bringing it up and then dismissing it.”

He continued: “The point is at the moment, if you people in taxing the rich in order to invest, if you agree in opposing war crimes, Labour thinks you will just vote for them whatever.

“[Labour thinks] they don’t need to listen to you and they don’t need to cater for you and the policies aren’t for you.

“Labour has to fight for those votes. My view is Labour will come to power because of their dishonesty and because of their failure to have answers to the country’s problems, they will be a burning skip.”

Among the biggest pledges made by Sir Keir included delivering “economic stability” and providing 40,000 more hospital appointments every week.

While admitting that some of the pledges were modest in scale, they were the “first steps” towards Labour’s grander vision.

Other pledges made by the Labour leader were tackling tax dodgers, making the UK the fastest-growing major economy by the end of Labour’s first term in government and achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

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