Payouts of £23,000 handed out over pothole and wet floor mistakes | Personal Finance | Finance

Payouts of up to £23,000 each have been handed to people in compensation payouts for everything from potholes to wet floors.

Compensation specialists The Compensation Experts have revealed the litany of litigation that has led to payouts to more than 22,000 people across the UK.

The firm says over 2,000 people have sued for tripping on pavements, while almost as many have taken legal action for slipping in a shop on a wet floor.

Another 3,000 have claimed compensation for a work accident, while others have claimed for pothole damages.

Some of the more notable claims include a £1,500 payout for an injury at a driving range, £3,200 for slipping at a fast food restaurant, £3,754 for falling at a beer garden, £3,637 for tripping on a pothole and a massive £23,000 for slipping on chalk at a sports centre.

Charlotte Rennox, Head of Organic Search at The Compensation Experts, said: “The risk of experiencing an injury in a public space is very much dependent on those who are in a position of responsibility, and how well they are able to safeguard the public. Working in this sector, we have built close relationships with our partner law firms, and have become all too familiar with the numerous ways in which an individual can become vulnerable to slips, trips and falls.

“But the research we have conducted on the more ‘freak’ incidents is even more of an eye-opener. It really does drive home the importance of ensuring that the proper safety processes are in place at all times and that any risks are both delivered effectively by those in power – and are clearly understood by the other party.”

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