Prince Harry and Meghan Markle LIVE: Duchess warned brand’s success depends on one thing | Royal | News

Meghan Markle has been warned that the success of her lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard depends on one key thing as the Duchess looks to launch it to the public.

Meghan soft-launched the brand back in March with a series of Instagram posts, but since then there has been little detail on what it will entail, other than the social media posts of her friends and influencers.

It’s assumed that American Riviera Orchard will sell a range of jams, spreads, and dog biscuits, as well as home furnishings and kitchenware, but one expert gave some advice on how to ensure it’s a success.

PR expert Renae Smith, founder and director of Atticism, said: “The success will hinge on how well the brand story is communicated and resonates with this audience.

“This approach allows Meghan to capture and test various audience segments, building a cohesive brand narrative that is both relatable and approachable.

“The diverse product range helps maintain engagement and interest, creating a holistic lifestyle brand rather than a single product line. Consistent communication and engagement are essential to keep the audience interested throughout this period.”


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