Prince Harry ‘letting history repeat itself’ as he ‘fights’ Royals | Royal | News

Prince Harry is “letting history repeat itself” by following in his mother’s footsteps and clashing with the Royal Family, according to a Royal expert.

The Duke of Sussex has been criticised for focusing too much on attacking the Royal Family and stepping into the role his mother left behind after her ongoing feud with ‘The Firm’. In his memoir Spare, Harry discussed Princess Diana and her legacy, expressing his desire for “peace” within his family.

Royal author and expert Tom Quinn has warned that Harry risks perpetuating the situation if he continues to dwell on Diana’s struggles. Speaking exclusively to the Mirror, Quinn said: “Harry’s comment in Spare that he ‘wants peace’ with the royal family for the sake of his mother is undoubtedly heartfelt, but in being so focused on Diana, Harry is actually allowing history to repeat itself.”

Quinn further suggested that Harry has assumed his mother’s “mantle” as an adult. He explained: “Diana famously fell out with ‘the firm’ as she called it and spent much of her adult life criticising an institution she felt had let her down. Harry has taken on his mother’s mantle by carrying on exactly the same kind of criticism.”

The expert has shed light on Prince Harry‘s struggle following the tragic loss of his mother in 1997. The prince, just 12 years old when Princess Diana was killed in a car accident in Paris, has openly discussed the mental toll that her death took on him.

Mr Quinn told the Mirror: “He hates that he feels he has to do this and he would like to be close again to his father King Charles and his brother Prince William, but like his mother he’s locked into a battle that has become an obsession for him.”

He also claimed Harry’s time in the military served as an escape for him from the ongoing battle he has had with his emotions not just over his mother but with feelings of isolation and not fitting in throughout his life.

Mr Quinn added: “Harry‘s statement that fighting in Afghanistan was better than remaining in Britain makes complete sense given that we know one of the few periods in his life during which he was happy was his time in the military. Fighting in Afghanistan gave him a sense of camaraderie that he has never had with his family.”

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