Princess Diana’s brutal prediction about Camilla came true | Royal | News

The bond between King Charles and Queen Camilla, spanning over five decades, has been highlighted in recent months as the Queen Consort’s presence becomes increasingly vital to the monarch. Amid a year fraught with Royal health scares, including the King’s own cancer diagnosis, Queen Camilla’s role has become crucial as she steps up to maintain the stability of the monarchy.

As her 77th birthday approaches, more individuals are recognising Camilla’s contributions. One Royal commentator even suggested that this was something predicted by Charles’ first wife, the late Princess Diana, over three decades ago.

Reflecting on the Queen’s transformation in recent months, former BBC Royal correspondent Jennie Bond commended Camilla for excelling in her new role.

Speaking to OK! she said: “I think she might have surprised herself by enjoying hard work as much as she seems to be doing! “

“She is, after all, a woman who has never had to commit to a solid career or the grind of a 9 to 5 job. She has taken on a significantly increased workload and a massive amount of responsibility in the past few months – and is looking and sounding great on it! “, reports the Mirror.

While stepping into the limelight to assume so many duties as many senior royals, including Catherine, Princess of Wales and Princess Anne currently remain out of action, may seem like a daunting task – it’s a challenge that Camilla has risen to, partly Jennie believes, out of devotion to her husband.

Linking the Queen’s dedication to her profound bond with King Charles, Jennie mentioned: “I think part of it is because she so much wants the man she loves to be proud of her, and to pull her weight in their partnership.”

Notably, she also underscored the significance of Duchess Camilla gaining acceptance from a public that once detested her.

“It must be so gratifying to have earned widespread approval – even affection – from a public who once ganged up against her as the ‘marriage breaker’ and the ‘other woman’ who made Diana so unhappy,” Jennie added.

In a rather unexpected revelation, the former BBC star confessed that Princess Diana had once predicted this level of devotion and commitment.

She said: “I think Diana was absolutely right to tell me that Camilla was ‘loyal’ and that Charles’ love for Camilla was stronger than any marriage he might ever have made.”

Reflecting on the Queen’s journey since she stepped into the Royal limelight, Jennie complimented her growth in confidence, shrewdly remarking: “What a contrast to those early days when she looked and sounded so very nervous if she had to speak in public. Now she is assured, confident and comfortable in her new and very demanding role.”

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