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Nigel Farage‘s Reform Party has hit a new record high in a bombshell new poll. The party has jumped two points and is hot on the heels of the Conservative Party on 16 percent.

A Savanta poll for the Sunday Telegraph puts the Labour Party well in the lead on 42 percent while the Conservatives languish 23 points behind on 19 percent.

The Liberal Democrats are on 9 percent, the Greens are on 5 percent, and the SNP are on 3 percent.

The Savanta survey involved 2,013 UK adults. The fieldwork was carried out between June 19 and June 21.

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Emma Levin, Associate Director at Savanta says: “Our research suggests that we could be watching the collapse of the Conservative Party in real time. This is the lowest Conservative vote share ever in a Savanta poll, for the third poll in a row.

“Part of the reason for this is that Reform UK continues to make gains, at their highest level in a Savanta poll since January 2021.

“If Labour’s vote continues to hold up, while Reform UK and the Liberal Democrats eat into Conservative support, Keir Starmer’s party could be on for a truly historic election victory.”

This comes three days after a poll found that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is on course to lose his seat amidst the Tory wipeout.

Savanta and Electoral Calculus polling for the Telegraph predicted that Labour would secure a staggering 516 seats and an estimated House of Commons majority of 382.

Meanwhile, the Tories would end up with just 53 seats.

As for Reform, Mr Farage’s party was forecast to win 0 seats despite their recent momentum.

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