Robert Peston tells Keir Starmer ‘80% didn’t vote for you | Politics | News

New Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer has faced a barrage of tricky questions from journalists in his first press conference.

ITV’s Robert Peston asked Sir Keir how he would lead the country when “80 percent of British voters didn’t vote for you” including those who didn’t cast a vote.

Mr Peston said: “You said yesterday your priority would be to govern for those who didn’t vote for you – some 80 percent of British voters didn’t vote for you – that’s including those who didn’t vote at all.

“What does that mean in practice in a sense for the culture of the Government and how you’ll govern.”

Sir Keir Starmer answered: “It was very important to me to say what I said on the steps yesterday about those that didn’t vote for us because we’re a Governement of service to all people whether they voted for us or not.

“And I include within that people who voted for Labour for the first time on Thursday because across the country in many places people will have voted for Labour for the first time perhaps having never voted Labour before.”

The PM said he was “restless for change” but warned that changing the country “is not an overnight exercise”.

After sweeping to a landslide victory at the polls, Sir Keir said his party had received “a mandate to do politics differently”.

He said: “This will be a politics and a Government that is about delivery, is about service. Self-interest is yesterday’s politics.”

Sir Keir also said: “We clearly on Thursday got a mandate from all four nations.

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