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Princess Kate decided to make an extraordinary move to protect her children after observing the negative impact media scrutiny had on Prince William‘s upbringing, it has emerged.

The Princess of Wales decided to become the main photographer in the Royal Family and by personally taking and releasing photos of her children she aimed to mitigate the potential harm and maintain a level of control over their public exposure, it has been claimed.

Most recently, she showed off her photo talents when she released a touching birthday image of the future King jumping on the sand dunes with Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 9, and Prince Louis, six.

According to the Channel 5 documentary, ‘Kate: A Queen for the Future’, as reported in OK! Magazine, Kate saw Prince William “damaged”.

Journalist Afua Hagan explained: “The Princess of Wales understands who she is, the position that she’s in. She also understands the interest in her family, especially her children, that people want to see them growing up. So she understands that the press needs these pictures.”

She added: “The Princess of Wales has seen first hand through her husband, Prince William, the damage that the press has done to his life and so she’s realised that if she can do something about that, if she can take control, then she should do that.”

Afua explained the move was “unprecedented” for the Royal Family, as media coverage has always been a part of life within the monarchy, and something Prince William has dealt with from birth.

Royal Commentator‌, Ingrid Seward, added the Princess of Wales is the “main photographer of the family” and by doing this, the children wouldn’t have to go through the “trauma” of having to pose for somebody they didn’t know.

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