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A tourist stunned passersby as he casually strolled down a busy shopping street in just a tight pair of green Speedos. The sun is shining in Majorca and the holiday island is really starting to heat up.

One relaxed visitor decided to cool off by stripping down to a skin tight pair of swimmers on a busy Palma road – to the fury of locals.

Pedro, a resident of Llucmajor, snapped the photographs of the visitor who was dressed in black trainers, black socks and the tight green pants, reports Majorca Daily Bulletin.

He was holding a red garment in one hand and a mobile phone in the other. As he strolled past clothing retailer, Zara, many residents did not see the funny side over his lack of clothing.

The man was seen walking down the Golden Mile of Palma’s shops, with dozens of people around him in the Jaume III neighbourhood.

And although he appeared to be totally unfazed by the onlookers, some expressed their anger at his outfit (or lack of it) on social media. One said: “Yes arrest him”

Another said: “Disrespectful, should be arrested and fined.” “Gross,” said another. Another who called for his arrest said: “Please arrest these near naked people.

“Or the shirtless, near nude, bikini wearing morons who wander around markets, towns and shops. Ukkk! Quality tourism can’t come soon enough!” reports MailOnline

According to the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office saying it is “illegal to be in the street wearing only a bikini or swimming shorts” in some parts of the country.

It added: “Being bare-chested is also illegal in some areas in Spain. You could be fined if you’re caught wearing swimwear on the seafront promenade or adjacent streets.”

It comes as furious Spaniards have come up with a list of demands to crack down on tourism – and some are totally outrageous.

Spanish publication asked its readers on their thoughts on how to control the number of visitors into the Balearic Islands, which includes Majorca and Menorca.

There were some outrageous ideas. “Let’s have another pandemic”, said @mateorosblanes with @lluift adding “border closure”.

But others conceded that tourism helped keep the country afloat financially too.

“We eat from tourism, not all of us work in the public administration” said @fina.ramon and “without tourists there is no money” said @h_ikken.

Ibiza has also launched a war against tourists with a huge protest planned.

They are joining other holiday destinations – such as the Canary Islands – calling for restrictions on tourism.

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