Spiritual healer paid thousands by celebs after ‘spookily’ predicting director’s death

Spiritual healer Victoria Dioh earns thousands of pounds from footballers, celebrities, and even government officials after discovering a new ‘gift’ when she predicted the death of a company director.

After a drastic switch into healing, the 51-year-old says recently had to “almost pinch herself” as she woke up in the luxurious home of a high-profile client in London.

Her job has seen her travelling the world, with trips to Hawaii to stay with a ‘much-loved author’ among the highlights.

It’s a far cry from two decades ago, when Victoria started working in corporate project management.

She says she found her career ‘rewarding’ and ‘enjoyable’, but after 16 years wanted to do something a bit different.

Writing in Woman’s Own, Victoria says she always felt like she had a ‘sixth sense’ and was able to predict things that were about to happen.

She claims she once saw a company director at her work and believed “that was the last time I’d see him alive” – she later found out he had died while diving.

Originally believing it was a ‘spooky coincidence’, Victoria soon found her predictions to be a ‘gift’.

Believing her ‘gift’ to be more ‘powerful’ than psychics and tarot cards, Victoria began learning about pranic healing – a holistic therapy that uses ‘life-force’ to balance, harmonise and transform the body’s energy processes.

Having studied at the Institute of Pranic Healing, she began teaching people how to use their ‘intuition, purpose and sixth sense’ to succeed in their work.

Starting out working with friends and family, Victoria now works with professional leaders and entrepreneurs who want to succeed, or overcome past traumas.

In 2019, Victoria worked with a ‘judge on a big TV talent show’ after bumping into them in London during dinner. And, in 2020, she claims a ‘famous author’ also wanted her help to de-stress.

She says she travelled to her Hawaii home and, when she wasn’t working, managed to take time to relax by the pool and stroll along the white sandy beaches.

She was all set to move to the US with the author, but said the 2020 coronavirus lockdown meant she ended up working with clients remotely.

As restrictions lifted, she found she could continue to work with clients via video link, helping people from around the UK and across in Los Angeles.

Writing in Woman’s Own, Victoria said: “I never expected to take this route – for years I lived in a corporate world and my life now is so different.

“But I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I find my job so rewarding and fulfilling, and now when I say to people that I have visions and can heal others they are very positive.”

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