‘Tacky’ bride demands guests pay £200 to attend bridal shower – I am so annoyed

A bride has sparked outrage by demanding her guests fork out a hefty £200 to attend her bridal shower, in addition to other expenses. The story came to light after the bride’s cousin took to social media seeking advice.

The cousin, who is also part of the bridal party, was shocked to discover that she was expected to pay to reserve her spot at the venue for the upcoming event at the end of July.

Upon receiving a reservation link from the bride, the guest was surprised to find a payment requirement. After questioning the bride, she was bluntly informed that “everyone is paying their own way”.

Already having shelled out for an expensive hen do and her bridesmaid dress, the relative expressed her frustration online.

“My cousin is getting married and I am expected to attend her bridal shower at the end of July,” the cousin lamented, reports the Mirror.

“She sent me a link last week to reserve my spot at the venue. When I went to do it, it required me to pay $300 [£236].”

“I asked her about it and she said that everyone is paying their own way. I am beyond annoyed and can’t get over how tacky that is.”

“Is this a common or normal practice? I am in the bridal party and am expected to attend this thing, not going isn’t an option unfortunately.”

“Also it is at a winery and I don’t drink so I’m paying for something that I will not be consuming. To say I’m beyond annoyed is an understatement. Am I justified in feeling this way? “.

She further revealed her plans to gift the bride $500 [£393] for the wedding, as reported by What’s The Jam.

However, she has disclosed that she’s already spent a considerable £787 on hen party attendance and her bridesmaid’s dress. Expressing her agitation, she said: “I’ve already invested a lot of money into this wedding and I feel like she keeps piling on more things that I have to shell out money for and I’m sick of it.”

Additionally, she would require childcare for the weekday (a seemingly random Wednesday) bridal shower when her husband is at work.

Netizens have been left taken aback by the story with many sharing their perspectives on the costly festivity and expressing support for the guest. “Not normal,” one person remarked.

“I would decline. That’s ridiculous,” chimed in another. Yet another incensed individual questioned: “Paying to attend an event where a gift is also expected? No way. That plus what you have already spent is crazy. It’s like she’s willing to spare no expense when it’s everyone else’s money. Were the bridesmaid dresses also quite expensive? “.

The guest responded that the dress cost was £157, yet she managed to find a cheaper alternative for only £40. One comforting voice urged the frustrated mum: “Not going is 100% an option. Tell her you can’t afford it on top of all the other wedding expenses. And do not give her $500.”

Another warned: “This is not ‘normal’. It’s rude to expect people to fork over this kind of money for a shower. You nailed it when you said tacky.”

After a flurry of online counsel, the guest has opted to heed the wisdom of netizens. In a subsequent update, she revealed: “I am cancelling my ticket and will tell her that I can’t make it.”

“Thank you everyone for reassuring me that my annoyance is justified!”

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