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The Traitors’ Harry and Paul on BAFTAs red carpet

The Traitors star Diane Carson confirms she’d return to the hit BBC show “in a shot” if she had the chance.

The hugely popular series hosted by Claudia Winkleman wrapped up its second outing earlier this year.

Originally based on a Dutch series that began in 2021, the franchise has already launched several more international versions in the US, Australia, France and more.

Speaking exclusively to, Diane confirmed “I would be there in a shot” if she were asked to return.

“Because I had so much fun,” she continued. “I’d like to think I’d play differently but I struggle to be anybody other than who I am.

Diane Carson The Traitors

The Traitors’ Diane Carson would return ‘in a shot’ for all-stars spin-off (Image: BBC)

“I’d love to do it, but I am just me so whether I could play a Traitor or not, I don’t know! You’d have to watch this space to see.”

The first two series of The Traitors has become the BBC’s biggest new series for young viewers, scoring an incredible 8 million viewers for this year’s final back in January.

Many of the contestants from both instalments have become recognisable faces, with Diane becoming one of the biggest breakouts of the latest cast.

She’s now teamed up with eco-friendly cleaning brand Ecover in their new Let’s Come Clean campaign exposing the nation’s dirtiest secrets.

Diane Carson for Ecover

A third of Brits (35%) tell eco-lies to save face with friends, whilst another 17% do it to look good in front of colleagues at work (Image: ECOVER)

“I was absolutely gobsmacked,” Diane said of what she learned when she came on board.

Ecover’s research has exposed the fact that a third of Brits tell eco-lies to save face with friends. A third also only wash their towel once every two weeks or less, while 20 percent only wash their bedsheets once a month.

“Particularly the sheets,” she continued. “People sometimes wash their sheets maybe once a month. And I’m like, ‘What!’

Diane Carson

A third (33%) of Brits wash their towels once every two weeks or less frequently, even though experts recommend that towels should be washed weekly (Image: ECOVER)

“I just grew up assuming everyone washed their sheets once a week. Mine are always washed on a Sunday. And some people only wash their towels maybe once a month.

“This is all news to me. One of the other secrets they found out is that people sleep with their dogs on their bed or their cats.

“We always used to have feral cats we got from rescues. In our property, the kitchen wasn’t closed off and we had an area in our hall called ‘the killing fields’. The cat brought in a rabbit, a pigeon, mice, rats – not always dead, by the way.

“Imagine after that, the blood would be in the carpet… imagine that cat then going upstairs and sleeping in our beds! Oh my God, no.”

Diane Carson for Ecover

More than one in five Brits (21%) confess to regularly allowing their pets to sleep in their beds (Image: ECOVER)

Diane’s best top tip for keeping clean and tidy is simply “routine. Have days when you do it, not ironing necessarily. But my gear for running, for example, two days then it’s washed. Then sheets once a week, towels once a week. It’s definitely routine for me.”

She was also excited to promote Ecover’s laundry tablets which can provide an effective clean at just 20 degrees to ensure you’re not wasting energy at home.

An Ecover spokesperson said: “We want to help Brits wash right and waste less. Whether that’s helping people understand the need to wash sheets regularly, especially for those who allow their pets to sleep on the bed, through to showing how to choose more thoughtful products.

“The majority of Brits believe that cleaning requires strong chemicals in order to be effective but science has proven that thoughtfully sourced ingredients can clean. We’re here to demonstrate that with our powerful new laundry capsules which use a bio-based formula to provide effective cleaning power, even at 20 degrees.”

Fans can join the cleaning revolution by confessing their secrets at the Let’s Come Clean Capsule Confessional at Great Titchfield Street Gallery on June 25.

Confessions can also be made by tagging @ecover_uk #LetsComeClean on Instagram to appear for atonement at the Capsule Confessional.

Ecover, a pioneer of the cleaning world, is helping the nation come clean with the help of The Traitors star, Diane Carson, on its mission to tackle the dirty side of cleaning for the good of the planet.

Inspired by the 78%of Brits who desire a less wasteful lifestyle, Ecover’s latest campaign Let’s Come Clean and laundry capsule range encourages consumers to air their dirty laundry and come clean together.

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