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Kuwait City is becoming ‘unliveable’ as temperatures continue to rise.

Inhabitants of the sprawling metropolis now see air-con blasted year-round through indoor streets in a bid to combat the extreme heat caused by climate change. The city regularly temperatures surpass a staggering 52C – more than half the temperature needed to boil water.

In July 2016, the Mitribah weather station there recorded a scorching 54C. This is the third-highest global reading – the highest, 56.7C, was recorded on July 10, 1913, at Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley, US.

To shield residents in the Middle Eastern hub from the drastic conditions, the Kuwaiti government has turned to unlikely solutions.

Last year they allowed funerals to be held at night for the first time to stop people overheating while mourning their loved ones.

Meanwhile a 2020 study revealed 67% of total electricity consumption in residences is used for air conditioning, which operates 24 hours a day. Indoor shopping streets also pump out cool air during the summer months.

But Kuwait City isn’t just known for its extreme heat. In 2021 about three million tourists flocked to the city, while migrants relocate there for work every year.

And those who live in the town or have visited have no shortage of bizarre experiences to tell of. Taking to Reddit, one resident said: “I remember getting lost in Kuwait city as a kid and stumbling upon a shop full of weapons like .. a big Japanese Katana ..twin sais… knives and daggers.”

The user said they saw the shop when they were “probably four” and asked others whether they remembered the shop, adding they might be going “crazy”.

Others reassured the original poster, with one writing: “There are pretty a lot actually but the police always comes and collects these things and close them down.”

Another contributor highlighted: “Believe it or not there is still people selling swords daggers and stuff but they are hella expensive.”

But there’s more to Kuwait City than clandestine weapon shops. In one thread, where a visitor asked residents for tips, one local reeled off a swathe of activities.

“My favourite is The Avenues,” they said. “It’s a massive mall where each section is made to look like a little themed town it’s freaking cool.

“The Kuwait towers and the Grand Mosque is a fun trip to make too.

“We have a historical island you can tour called Failaka Island if you want to see some ruins.”

Another tourist added: “Kuwait is a really beautiful country you should definitely not miss the Kuwait towers (the whole Arab gulf road is so beautiful, sometimes there are jet skis where can rent and cruise along in the gulf) the historical district Souq al Mubarakiya (part of the old city with many shops and restaurants), the Kuwait scientific center, museums, parks and there are historical palaces that you can visit.

“If you wanna get a bit adventurous you can do many water sports scuba diving is really nice they got many islands with nice reefs.”

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