Warning over 12 plants that ‘may look like cannabis’ | UK | News

A plant expert has issued a stark warning to Brits who may unknowingly be growing plants that look like cannabis.

This comes after Cambridgeshire Constabulary Police seized 15 suspicious-looking plants from a “lovely green space” in Duke Street, Wisbech, in the Fenland area on May 29.

The Policing Fenland team took to Facebook to share their discovery, writing: “Do you love Gardening? Well someone must in Duke Street, Wisbech, as the Neighbourhood Policing Team came across a lovely green space this morning. The plot was set out well, and there were items growing. However, upon closer inspection, we noticed that it was a funny looking plant that we have seen somewhere before.”

They added: “Good effort, but unfortunately for this unknown Gardner, it won’t be as rewarding as your 15 cannabis plants now sit in our drugs property. Enquiries into the matter continue.”

When approached for a comment, a spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police confirmed: “The plant was seized by us, which I can confirm was a cannabis plant. Enquiries are ongoing.” The force also confirmed that no arrests have been made at this time.

The post racked up thousands of comments as some suggested the plants might not be cannabis. “Tomatoes I reckon,” one user quipped. “Probably hemp,” chimed in another.

Another commenter speculated: “Could quite possibly be just hemp and you wouldn’t be able to tell until they started flowering. And the only thing hemp will give you if you tried smoking it would be a banging headache.” Meanwhile, a fourth user remarked: “They look like my tomato plants.”

Hemp and marijuana come from the same family, but hemp is a mix of the male and female cannabis plants, usually taller with more fibre in its stalk and lacking the potent smell associated with marijuana. Hemp is used for all sorts, from protein powder and dairy-free milk to threads and CBD oil. Growing hemp is above board with a licence.

Plants that could be mistaken for cannabis

Tony Spencer, CEO at CBD company Spruce, advised: “Being able to correctly identify a cannabis plant could be crucial if you suspect it might be growing on your property, especially where the laws prohibit its cultivation.

“There are loads of other garden plants that can look dead ringer for cannabis and even have the same dank scent, so being clued up and steering clear of any mix-ups is smart.”

Spencer revealed a list of 12 plants that could easily be confused with cannabis, including the likes of cassava, hemp-agrimony, and the chaste tree. Other lookalikes include the Texas star hibiscus, Japanese maple, spider flower, coral plant, kenaf plant, okra, southern marigold, sulphur cinquefoil, and Caucasian crosswort – all sporting leaves that could make you do a double-take.

Spencer advised: “If you’ve identified one of the 12 plants we’ve listed growing in your garden then it is up to you how to proceed. However, common sense might suggest taking steps to limit any confusion from prying eyes, or noses.”

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