William spotted with pricey gadget to monitor health amid royal cancer woes | Royal | News

As the royal family continue to battle with a string of health woes, including King Charles and the Princess of Wales’ ongoing cancer treatment, one royal who appears to be taking a keen interest in his own health is Prince William.  

The future monarch has been a supportive staple at the sides of both his father, and his wife in recent months and at last week’s UEFA Euro 2024 quarterfinals was seen sporting a stylish gadget, beloved by athletes to help keep tabs on his own health.

The trendy accessory, a fitness tracker by WHOOP, was spotted on William’s wrist as he celebrated England’s victory over Switzerland at the Düsseldorf Arena on July 6, with the chic band clearly visible as he applauded the team’s success.

The high-tech brand first hit the market back in 2015, where it soon developed a huge following among many professional athletes as it monitors key metrics such as sleep, strain and recovery to give an overall picture of their health.

The ultra-luxe gadget claims to be “the most advanced wearable on the market” and unlike many other fitness trackers, requires a membership in order to use it – with the cheapest available option currently costing £229 a year.

However, William is far from the first royal to take an avid interest in his day-to-day health, with several other members of the royal family also having opted for similar items in the past, including the Prince’s younger brother Prince Harry. 

The Duke of Sussex was previously seen wearing a black Oura Ring during a tour of Australia with his wife Meghan, back in 2018.

The discreet gadget, which tracks various stages of sleep and activity, quickly flew off shelves after being worn by the royal, yet just like William’s choice, it also comes with a fairly steep price tag, with options starting from £299.

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