Woman that makes £1,000s on Vinted explains how you can too

A savvy Vinted seller has taken to TikTok to share her secrets for making a tidy profit on the popular second-hand marketplace.

Hannah Bevington (@hannahbevington), who has successfully cashed in £6,000 by selling various items on Vinted, divulged her strategies in a viral video that has amassed over 95.6k views and sparked excitement among her followers.

The clip, which is swiftly gaining traction online, is titled: “My tips on how to generate more money on Vinted.” In the video, Hannah confidently tells her audience: “I have made £6,000 from literally just selling on Vinted so I’m gonna share it all with you.”

Boost your prices

One of her key pieces of advice is to avoid underselling. Seh says: “Tip number one – stop selling things for £10 on Vinted, ok? Even my friends do this, they’ll literally have an item which is worth £40 and they will put it on Vinted for a tenner.”

“And then what will happen is someone will offer them £8 and they’ll get really p***** off because the person that’s buying the item thinks ‘oh they’re just selling it for a tenner, they’re clearly desperate for money’.

“You look desperate. Let’s all increase the price of our things on Vinted.”

The more, the better

Hannah also recommends building a substantial portfolio. “Build a big portfolio alright?” She added.

“So, it might mean that you spend every Sunday uploading 20 items on Vinted. You need to have a minimum of 100 items on your Vinted.

“If you wanna be consistently selling every week, every other day, you can’t expect that with literally just 10 items on your page, you need to have a minimum of 100 items. The more, the better because there’s more chance you’re going to get regular sales and a regular income.”

Clear photos are best

Hannah advised: “Make sure you’re taking pictures in the daylight, use a white background. You don’t have to overcomplicate it – use your iPhone, clear lighting, clear picture.

“If you’re taking something in the dark before you go to bed and it’s all pixelated, and the lighting is rubbish I’m sorry but you’re not helping yourself. You’re gonna make it 100 times harder for you to sell the item.”

Be strict with offers

She also said: “Accepting offers on Vinted – if someone offers you 50% less than what you’re selling the item for, don’t just accept it. You should only be accepting offers 10-15% lower than what you put it on for – and if they don’t buy it that’s okay, sometimes it will take a few months for certain items to go but people will pay it, trust me.”

Hannah added: “Although it might only seem like a few pounds, it makes a huge difference when it comes to the end of the year. You could honestly make a difference of a few hundred pounds.”

Buy your packaging in bulk

She advised: “When it comes to packaging up your Vinted items, stop just going to the Post Office and last minute buying a bag for £2-3. It’s so expensive, I hope people aren’t doing that.

“What you need to do is go onto eBay, literally just search ‘Jiffy bags’, ‘plastic shipping bags’…I literally have to buy bags once a year – in the long run its saving me so much money on packaging.”

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