4TB SD cards are arriving in 2025 for your cameras and laptops

It wasn’t that long ago when we were impressed by a 400GB microSD card, but now, Western Digital is showing off a full-size SD card with 10 times the storage capacity. The new SanDisk Extreme Pro 4TB SD card is designed for cameras and laptops, and it’s the first time we’ve seen this storage size on an SD card.

While Western Digital is previewing its four-terabyte SD card at the NAB Show this week, it won’t actually be available until 2025. AnandTech notes that the card uses the Ultra High Speed-I (UHS-I) interface, which supports up to 104MB/s data transfers in the UHS104 (SDR104) mode. It also has minimal sequential write speeds of 30MB/s, enough for 8K video recording.

The SD Association first announced its Secure Digital Ultra Capacity (SDUC) card specifications in 2018, promising that SD cards would soon hold up to 128 terabytes of storage. It’s taken quite some time to get to the 4TB point, and Western Digital isn’t disclosing what type of NAND is inside the upcoming card, so even higher capacities are likely a ways off.

Still, if you’re eager to record beyond 4K resolution with four terabytes of space, then Western Digital should have something ready next year. The big question is how much a 4TB UHS-1 SD card will cost. Given the 1TB versions of the same card retail for around $140, you’re probably looking at $600 or more for a 4TB version.

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