Adobe Premiere Pro is getting AI video tools — and maybe OpenAI’s Sora

Adobe is working on a generative AI video model for its Firefly family that will bring new tools to its Premiere Pro video editing platform. These new Firefly tools — alongside some proposed third-party integrations with Runway, Pika Labs, and OpenAI’s Sora models — will allow Premiere Pro users to generate video and add or remove objects using text prompts (just like Photoshop’s Generative Fill feature) and extend the length of video clips.

Unlike many of Adobe’s previous Firefly-related announcements, no release date — beta or otherwise — has been established for the company’s new video generation tools, only that they’ll roll out “this year.” And while the creative software giant showcased what its own video model is currently capable of in an early video demo, its plans to integrate Premiere Pro with AI models from other providers isn’t a certainty.

There’s some pretty obvious smearing shown in this still after an object was removed by Adobe’s own generative AI video model.
Image: Adobe

Adobe instead calls the third-party AI integrations in its video preview an “early exploration” of what these may look like “in the future.” The idea is to provide Premiere Pro users with more choice, according to Adobe, allowing them to use models like Pika to extend shots or Sora or Runway AI when generating B-roll for their projects. Adobe also says its Content Credentials labels can be applied to these generated clips to identify which AI models have been used to generate them.

Adobe says its new tools can extend the length of video clips, but as this isn’t directed by a prompt, it’s unclear how much control users have over what’s spat out…
Image: Adobe

The move to foster partnerships with third-party AI companies seems an obvious one, though, regardless of how far off it may be. The generational capabilities we’ve seen from OpenAI’s Sora seem to blow other offerings out of the water — far better than the early preview Adobe gave of its upcoming Firefly video model.

Meanwhile, Adobe’s main advantage over competitors is building its own Firefly models into its software ecosystem, which are already extensively used by creative professionals. Integrating third-party AI models seems like a no-brainer, both for Adobe’s retention and for AI companies that want to make their tools more accessible to creative professionals who wouldn’t otherwise jump over to a separate dedicated app.

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