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D-Day row continues

Ms Mordaunt said Rishi Sunak‘s decision to leave D-Day commemorations early on Thursday was “completely wrong”.

The Conservative politician added: “I’m from Portsmouth, I have also been defence secretary and my wish is, at the end of this week, is that all of our veterans feel completely treasured.”

The former defence secretary insisted the issue should not become “a political football”.

But Mr Farage, who went to Normandy himself, replied: “It already is, because the veterans themselves are speaking out saying he’s let the country down.”

Farage on immigration

Reform’s Mr Farage claimed he was “on a platform tonight with six other people whose parties have been wholly unconcerned” with immigration.

The Brexit architect warned Britain is living through a “population crisis” that is “making us poorer”.

The Clacton candidate was accused of “bigotry” by Plaid Cymru’s leader Rhun ap Iorwerth.

Meanwhile, when Mr Farage said he wanted to inject some “logic” into the discussion, the SNP‘s Mr Flynn replied: “That would be a novelty for you.”

Mordaunt and Rayner clash

Ms Mordant and Ms Rayner clashed over the UK’s nuclear deterrent in a fiery moment.

The Tory politician told the debate: “Angela Rayner voted recently, along with the guy that wants to be your foreign secretary and half the Labour front bench, to end our nuclear deterrent.”

The Labour deputy leader replied: “Penny you can keep pointing at me but you’re the party that has cut the armed forces, crashed the economy and left us in a real mess.”

Ms Rayner and shadow foreign secretary David Lammy were among 48 Labour MPs who voted against the renewal of the Trident nuclear programme in 2016.

The pair also traded blows over Tory claims that Labour would raise taxes by £2,000 if elected.

Ms Mordaunt told the audience: “We have got to cut taxes and we have got to alleviate the burdens on business.

Angela Rayner‘s party – Keir Starmer confirmed this earlier this week – they are going to put up your taxes by £2,000 per working household.”

Ms Rayner said “that is a lie” and added that the Government had raised taxes to a “record level”.

The pair then began to shout over each other before debate host Mishal Hussain cut them off.

“That was terribly dignified wasn’t it?” Green Party co-leader Carla Denyer, who also took part in the debate, added.

The controversial figure has made headlines with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer accusing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of lying about how the sum was calculated.

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