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A producer of the hit animation Bluey has reassured parents and kids “it’s not the end” after worried fans were left confused by a cryptic conclusion to the latest episode.

Bluey, the animated children’s TV show which features a playful family of animated dogs, left fans concerned the popular Australian series could be coming to an end.

The latest episode of the current series showed a ‘For Sale’ sign outside the Heelers’ much-loved home in a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland.

It was also the first episode in all three series to end without any music.

Dad finishes reading a bedtime story to Bluey and Bingo. Pic: BBC
Bandit reading a bedtime story to Bluey and Bingo. Pic: BBC

The next episode is called ‘The Sign’ and will have an extra-long runtime of 28 minutes.

But a producer quashed online rumours the orange and blue canines might disappear from their screens.

Sam Moor told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “It’s just the question that’s on everyone’s lips – no it’s not the end for Bluey, I’m sure we’ve got many more surprises in store for you.”

When asked if this was a new update, she replied: “We have more in store and we’re thinking what will be next as well.”

After the 48th episode aired, worried fans took to social media to voice their fears the third series of the hit cartoon about the life of a blue heeler puppy Bluey, her little sister Bingo and parents Bandit and Chilli, could be the last.

One fan wrote on Twitter/X: “Who do I talk to about being sad? Is sad the right word? Let me rephrase…who do I talk to in regard to being way too emotionally invested in some cartoon dogs selling their house?”

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Another fan on Instagram said: “Wasn’t prepared for that!! My kids both looked at me straight away to see my reaction.”

Referencing a famous scene at the end of a Game of Thrones series, one fan wrote: “That was a more shocking ending than the Red Wedding.”

One fan added: “Don’t you DARE sell that house. We all grew up with Bluey and Bingo in that house.”

It is thought after this current series, which is streamed on Disney+ and is a joint production between the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and BBC Studios, a full-length movie could be the next project for the creators.

Producers previously said the 28-minute episode, which is four times as long as a normal episode, could be a test for a feature length Bluey movie.

On the popularity of the show which is worth more than £2bn, Ms Moor added: “It’s a co-viewing show – mum, dad and kids can all enjoy it together.

“People have said to us, ‘it’s like you’ve got a camera in our living room filming my life’. So it’s very relatable for kids, it’s relatable for parents.”

Viewers will have to wait until Sunday 14 April to find out exactly what lies ahead for the Heelers.

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