British and French Air Forces team up to ‘hone vital readiness skills’ as WW3 threat rises | World | News

The British and French militaries have been training together in recent weeks, as RAF crews and French Air Force have been carrying out tests and exercises to see how they could support each other, while the threat of World War 3 continues to rise.

Britain and France have a long history of working together as partners of the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and as the threat of WW3 has risen, their relationship has only gotten closer.

The two air forces have been training together at Bricy Air Base in New Orleans, USA, where RAF Atlas crews have been working with the French Air and Space Force to see how they can benefit each other.

It comes as tensions on the continent rise over fears World War 3, as the war between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the war between Israel and Hamas continue.

The UK Defence Journal reported that Squadron Leader Beard outlined the aims of the mission between France and Britain and complimented the French forces.

The Detachment Commander explained: “The aim of the exercise is to train together as a coalition in a complex air environment, facing a high-level threat from a peer adversary.

“The French Air and Space Force have been superb and gracious hosts and the fact we both fly the A400M Atlas makes interoperability so much easier, we have both learnt a great deal from each other.”

In a statement, the RAF explained which aircrews had been deployed and what had been achieved during their trip to the USA.

They said: “The heavy lift aircraft, part of the Air Mobility Force based at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire, showed its ability for Agile Combat Employment – to disperse from a targeted base at a moment’s notice and operate in irregular or austere conditions with minimal support.

“The team operated seamlessly from Bricy Air Base with support from local airfield services, showing the flexibility of the aircraft and the interoperability of the French and UK forces.

“Six other allied nations also took part including Spain, Canada, Greece and Italy, showing the RAF’s ability to collaborate with NATO and partner nations.”

Flight Lieutenant and Project Officer Meredith said that each participating county had used the exercise “to hone vital readiness skills and enhance interoperability between air forces”.

What’s more, the RAF’s crews weren’t just full-timers, a group of reserves also made the trip over the Atlantic. Flight Lieutenant Meredith said both they and the regulars “stepped up to the mark and delivered; proving again the agility of our air force and our ability to deploy and work from any location”.

As the RAF tries to improve its teamwork with fellow NATO allies, it is also trying to keep a hold of its own fighter pilots who are allegedly being offered large sums of cash by Virgin Atlantic for their long-haul flights.

An advert for Virgin Airlines said: “In order to be suitable, you must be operating, or have operated in the last three years on one of the following RAF Aircraft: F-35 B Lightning II, Typhoon FGR4.

“As a member of our Flight Crew, you will be joining the UK’s only exclusively long-haul airline. Flying out of London Heathrow to exciting destinations such as New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Delhi, Barbados, Antigua and many more.”

According to The Sun, while RAF pilots earn around £50,000, Virgin Airline pilots can earn up to double that figure.

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