Daniil Medvedev explains why he got thrashed by Jannik Sinner as Italian cements dominance | Tennis | Sport

He continued: “I was like, no, I want to try to do the same, and I didn’t manage to do it. That time I decided to, let’s say, play my game. It was a bit too late. I mean, still had Love-30 and volley, but it’s not easy to come back from this score. Yeah, for sure I’m disappointed, but that’s how life is sometimes. That’s how tennis is.”

But Medvedev still isn’t sure whether he’ll give up on his current plan when it comes to facing Sinner, as he confessed that it was his mistakes that cost him this time. “I think the tactics I used in the beginning of the match was not the problem. The problem was the execution, too many mistakes. Yeah, not enough precision,” he added.

“So for sure after the match like this, I’m asking myself if I should have changed it earlier, but I stick to what I thought was going to work, and I wanted to do it better and I didn’t manage to do it. When I changed, it was just too late. So, no, when I have the next match against him, I’m gonna see what I do and how I develop.”

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