Ex-Primark worker shares ‘best time to shop’ to get ‘fresh stock’

A Primark insider, who claims to have four years of experience on the shop floor, is “spilling the tea” on how to save some serious cash when shopping at the fast-fashion retailer.

Not only did she reveal money-saving secrets, but she also dished out the best times to snag those trending items everyone’s raving about.

While Joanna, whose TikTok video rapidly went viral, shared some thrifting tips, some might raise an eyebrow.

Her first piece of advice, according to The Sun, was to wash everything you buy as soon as you get home.

Apparently, according to Joanna, clothes on the racks get handled by a lot of people and might not be the freshest.

While it’s always a good idea to wash new clothes before wearing them (especially for any potential dye transfer), her wording might be a bit strong for some viewers.

“Most of the stuff on the rails is gross and has been worn by the most sweaty, disgusting people,” she claimed.

“Always wash stuff when you get it home before wearing [it]. The same item has been tried on by more than five people.”

Joanna also claimed that the key to scoring the best deals is timing your trip.

According to her, Friday mornings between 9am and 12pm are prime time, because fresh stock gets delivered on Thursday nights and hits the shelves overnight.

So if you want to snag those trendy items before they fly off the shelves, wake up early and hit Primark on a Friday morning.

Joanna also claimed you can potentially snag a discount on items with minor imperfections, so if you spot something damaged that you still want, bring it to the cashier and let them know.

The employee will then likely call over a supervisor or manager who can authorise a discount, according to the former Primark staffer.

Joanna claimed you can expect somewhere between 10-30 percent off, although some current employees say it’s more likely to be around 10 percent.

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