Expert reveals one thing Princess Eugenie needs to do to boost profile | Royal | News

An expert has shared one thing needs to do to boost her royal profile as the , as fans want her and her sister Princess Beatrice to be called up to help with official royal engagements. With and , there may come a time when other royals will be required to step up to fill the gap.

and her younger sister seem like an obvious choice, having both grown up in the public eye. However, one expert has claimed that at times Eugenie in particular can appear “nervous” at public engagements, but believes there is one simple remedy to this, Mirror Online reports.

At an event for the Elephant Family charity, which she supports, Eugenie, aged 34, read to kids and talked briefly about her uncle, the King. But according to body language expert Darren Stanton, she seemed a bit nervous during the event.

“While isn’t one of the most recognised members of the Royal Family, she appeared reasonably confident during [the] engagement. There were no cracks in her voice or high-pitched changes, proving that she felt comfortable speaking,” explained the body language expert, who was speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo.

Stanton added: “However, I did notice a few moments where she mumbled her words and looked to the right, which is a signal of hesitation. She didn’t seem very well prepared.

“At one point, her blink rate also increased, which proved that she was conscious to get things back on track. From a verbal and non-verbal point of view, there were a few signs of nervousness.”

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