Fujifilm X100VI vs. Ricoh GR IIIx: battle for the best point-and-shoot

The $1,599.00 Fujifilm X100VI and the $1,046.95 Ricoh GR IIIx are two of the most popular digital point-and-shoot cameras for folks who aren’t looking to break the bank. They both come in a small package and have an APS-C sensor and a fixed focal length lens that can produce crisp images. In fact, these systems are so similar that, as a viewer, it can be hard to tell images from them apart (check out 1:29 in the video below). But as a photographer, the experience they provide could not be more different.

I don’t know two camera systems with fan bases as loyal as these two. So check out my video above, where these systems go head to head in order the answer the question of which one is best for you. And let me know where your alliance lands!

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