Gardening: Martha Stewart’s new products will help you ‘keep a healthy, beautiful garden’

Martha Stewart has just released a clothing line that is perfect for looking good while still getting the job done. 

It’s important to wear the proper attire when you’re working in the garden, whether you’re pruning your roses or deadheading your hydrangeas

The new apparel line from Martha Stewart supplies options you can get your hands dirty in. It debuted at Tractor Supply beginning March 25. 

Martha Stewart said in a press release: “This new line of apparel reflects my passion for gardening and outdoor work, so I am thrilled to share it with consumers. 


The articles of clothing were designed to be stylish, comfortable and functional, meeting the unique needs of gardeners. 

“Women’s apparel continues to be an important product category for us at Tractor Supply, especially when it comes to gardening. This launch with Martha Stewart is the perfect way for us to bring fashion and function to our gardening customers, with great new styles and products our customers can’t get anywhere else,” said Seth Estep, chief merchandising officer at Tractor Supply Company.

The product line was designed in collaboration with Martha Stewart, Marquee Brands and French Dressing Jeans Inc. 

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