General Election latest: Tories facing wipeout at the polls as parties pitch new policies | Politics | News

The Conservatives face a General Election wipeout according to a new poll out today as their political rivals reveal new polices and manifestos.

This Sunday morning’s papers may have made grim reading for the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak with a new survey predicting Sir Keir Starmer‘s Labour are set for a massive majority of 416, leaving the Tories with just 37 seats.

Shocking results in the Mail on Sunday (MoS) review of voter intentions, conducted by Deltapoll, would place the Conservatives at a Liberal Democrat level of opposition. Worryingly even Rishi Sunak could lose his supposedly safe seat of Richmond in North Yorkshire, held with a 27,000 majority at the last election.

It follows a disastrous week for the PM politically with a furious furore breaking out over his decision to leave Thursday’s 80th D-Day anniversary commemorations.

With the July 4th General Election looming, the MoS poll now puts Labour with 46 percent of the vote, the Conservatives on 21 percent and Nigel Farage’s Reform party on 12 percent.

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