Google adds more AI in shopping

Google is adding more AI into its search in the hopes that it will help shoppers find the items they want — even if it’s something they’ve generated with AI.

Shoppers on Google’s app and on mobile will be able to refine their search with generative AI tools to help people find exactly what kind of jacket they’re looking for. The newest feature, called Style Recommendations, lets users rate items in their searches so it learns the searcher’s style and what they like. It’s kind of like Tinder but with shirts.

After they’ve found clothes they like, shoppers can specify the brands they like, which will instantly bring up more apparel from those selections. 

Google’s new AI-powered shopping feature lets people swipe on their favorite styles.
Image: Google

Google previously tested AI tools that help people find more of the items they like. In November, users on the company’s Search Generative Experience tested out an image generation feature that puts together jackets and other clothing based on prompts. People can then find similar items based on the AI image. The company also tested a virtual try-on so shoppers can see how dresses from brands look on them. Both features are now live on Google Shopping. 

However, AI-powered shopping features are still new and can lead to questionable items. The Verge’s Mia Sato said the AI shopping experience proved confusing and yielded clothes that weren’t prototyped to fit other humans. 

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