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A woman who claims to given birth to a baby boy via a natural pregnancy at 50 says she couldn’t be happier.

More and more women are choosing to have children later in life – with Cameron Diaz recently announcing the birth of her second child at 51.

While relatively rare, birth rates for those aged over 50 are increasing in the UK too.

They accounted for 0.04 percent of all live births in England from 2019-21. There were 824 new mothers over the age of 50 in that period – up from 701 in the three previous years according – to the ONS figures that were recently published in The Guardian.

Now a Canadian woman is talking about her own experiences – claiming she gave birth to a baby boy when she was 50, having conceived naturally aged 49.

On social media platform TikTok the woman posts to an account called @Aurora.Stories saying she also had a daughter aged 19 – meaning the siblings are a massive 31 years apart.

On one of her many videos about her life as a mum of two in Canada, she said: “This is the best thing that could have happened to me at 50.

“I have given life to this beautiful soul. This my late child!”

In another clip she said: “At 49, I experienced the long-awaited miracle – a pregnancy.

“At 50, I gave birth to a son named Mark. He is my second child. His sister is 31 years older than him. May my story inspire many women.”

There are a mixed number of responses to the woman’s story – some asking how she was able to fall pregnant and others hitting back at “haters” who commented negatively about the situation.

One said: “Congratulations! You look great! Did you have to elect to have IVF? Please share. Thank you.”

She replied: “This is a natural pregnancy!”

Another said: “Don’t listen to those people with negative comments. If you are happy thats [sic] all that matters. He is beautiful.”

“Well you look no where [sic] near 50 so I’m guessing you’ll be around for many more years. Your son looks like he has an amazing life, so ignore any negative comments,” said another.

One fellow TikToker said: “Haters will hate but God’s gifts keep giving. You are so blessed with your beautiful family.”

There was a baby boom in the over-45s in England and Wales in the years after the Second World War which saw relatively high levels of births in that age group, despite the average age of motherhood in the late 1920s being 28 or 29.

But in recent years numbers have topped the postwar period choosing to become mums in later life.

One reason for this could be medical interventions such as IVF and improved fertility treatments.

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