‘I have fallen out of love with my wife… here’s seven reasons why’

Having been together for more than a decade, and married for three years, Cameron first fell for his wife in secondary school.

“I feel like I’ve changed a lot through my 20s as a person in terms of my values and ambitions,” Cameron shared to Reddit.

His wife, however, “is very much the same person” she was when they first met. “She has matured, obviously, but her outlook on life is the same as it was back then,” he explained.

“I feel like I’m much more ambitious and I would be more compatible with someone who’s thinks in a similar way,” Cameron continued.

While his wife likes to binge watch TV after work, Cameron would rather spend his time developing a skill.

“I can’t connect with her anymore on an intellectual level,” he stated. “I feel like I’m always teaching her stuff, while I never learn anything from her.”

Another reason he has fallen out of love with his wife is that he values travel while she likes to stay put.

“We both work remotely and have the option to be anywhere,” he said. “I would rather travel and stay for a month or two in different cities while working.

“My wife on the other hand would rather just stay where we are instead of moving around so much.”

Cameron feels like his wife’s world completely revolves around him whereas he has outside hobbies and interests.

“I believe we should each have our own lives outside of our relationship, but she seems to think that since we’re married we should be doing everything together,” he revealed.

Then Cameron admitted: “I’m not attracted to her anymore.” While he said she’s “beautiful” in a physical sense, he doesn’t have the urge to be intimate with her.

“Looking back on our relationship, I think we rushed into getting married,” he said of their long-term commitment to one another.

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Seven things that put him off

  1. Cameron’s changed while she has remained the same
  2. He feels more ambitious while she just wants to watch TV
  3. Cameron feels like he is much smarter than her
  4. He wants to travel while she doesn’t
  5. Cameron has outside interests, but his wife does not
  6. He no longer wants to be intimate with her
  7. Cameron feels like they were too young when they got married

“I just can’t get myself to leave her. She loves me to death and she would be absolutely shattered,” Cameron confessed.

The Reddit contributors rushed to the comment section to air their thoughts on the situation.

One simply put: “If I was his wife I wouldn’t want to be married to someone who thinks so low of me… [He should] let his wife go and find someone who actually loves and respects her fully.”

*Name has been changed.

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