Incredible new infinity sky pool will be world’s longest but costs £215 to swim in | World | News

An ambitious initiative to craft the world’s longest infinity pool is taking shape in the Treyam region of Neom, Saudi Arabia.

At an astounding length of 457 metres, the pool will dwarf the current record holder in Dubai by almost four times and will be suspended 67 metres above sea level, promising an unmatched swimming experience with panoramic views.

This groundbreaking infrastructure project is part of Vision 2030, spearheaded by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, aiming to transform Saudi Arabia into a luxury tourism destination and a hub for innovation. The infinity pool is just one part of the extensive Neom megaproject designed to attract visitors from across the globe to the kingdom’s natural landscapes enhanced with futuristic amenities.

Neom officials tout the pool design as “a harmonious fusion of contemporary design and minimal environmental impact”.

Guests are expected to revel in the luxurious ambience while enjoying a new level of relaxation and rejuvenation. However, this immersive retreat comes with a hefty price tag of £215 for a swim.

Amid the celebration of this architectural marvel, voices of controversy and concern resonate. There have been reports of forceful evictions related to a portion of the larger ‘The Line’ project, particularly regarding the displacement of the Huwaitat tribe, which has sparked an ethical debate over the massive development’s social and environmental ramifications.

The current record-holder for the world’s longest infinity pool is situated at One Za’abeel in Dubai. This engineering feat stretches 120 metres and is perched 100 metres high, providing visitors with a surreal swimming experience alongside urban luxuries.

Despite the grandeur of Neom’s vision, the high price for experiencing the world’s longest infinity pool may limit access to only a privileged few. Meanwhile, as construction forges on, the project continues to draw both global attention and scrutiny.

NEOM has recently announced the addition of several other sustainable tourism initiatives within the Gulf of Aqaba region, signalling a steadfast commitment to conservation paired with progress. 

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