Jill Biden snaps back at fears Donald Trump could beat her husband in election | US | News

Jill Biden has insisted she remains confident Joe Biden will beat Donald Trump in the presidential election, brushing aside recent polls her husband is trailing his bitter rival in nearly all battleground states except one.

During an appearance on “CBS Mornings” on Wednesday, the First Lady was questioned about the state of Biden’s re-election campaign, particularly referencing a recent Wall Street Journal survey showing the Democratic incumbent trails Trump in six out of seven key 2024 swing states.

When CBS host Tony Dokoupil brought up the polling results, the first lady interjected, saying: “No, he’s not losing.”

“He’s not losing in all the battleground states. He’s coming up,” she insisted before Dokoupil could finish his question.

“He’s even or doing better,” Jill Biden continued. “You know what, once people start to focus in, and they see their two choices, it’s obvious that Joe will win this election.”

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Asked if she was concerned about Joe Biden‘s re-election efforts, the First Lady responded with a firm “no, no, no. I feel that Joe will be re-elected.”

The recent Wall Street Journal poll, released on Tuesday, indicates Trump currently leads Biden in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina, all pivotal states for securing victory in the November election.

Biden is tied with Trump in Wisconsin but did not secure leads in the other battleground states surveyed.

Reports suggest that Biden himself has grown increasingly frustrated and worried about his re-election prospects.


According to NBC News, he became visibly upset during a January meeting upon learning that his poll numbers had dropped in Michigan and Georgia over his handling of the IsraelHamas conflict.

Sources also indicate that Biden frequently presses aides about which aspects of his achievements he should highlight in different states.

Concerns about Biden’s age and energy have also been raised among other Democrats. He has reportedly held numerous closed-door meetings with top donors to address their concerns about the upcoming election.

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