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Double glazing windows firm Everest has gone into administration and now Martin Lewis is urging customers to check what to do next.

The firm has already made most of its staff redundant, and this marks the second time the company has entered administration, renaming to Everest 2020 after a rescue deal four years ago.

Customers are now blocked from placing new orders with the firm – but many existing customers have already paid for orders and are wondering where they stand.

Martin Lewis tweeted: “Double glazing firm Everest 2020 falls into administration, your rights…”

His Money Saving Expert website then urged customers to check their rights.

A firm called Anglian will contact you “in the coming days and weeks” to confirm details of the order and to carry the work out.

Anyone who hasn’t heard from Anglian can contact them on 0800 8766810.

If your installation isn’t going ahead, and you’ve been left out of pocket, you can file a Section 75 claim as a creditor or issue a Chargeback claim.

Another avenue could be to try to claim through your credit card company. If you paid any amount on a credit card, even just the deposit, you will be protected up to the tune of £30,000 and your credit card company is equally liable.

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