Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘not on same page’ | Royal | News

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry appear to be on different pages as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex focus on different priorities, experts have suggested. Author Tom Quinn said he believes while the Duchess of Sussex is concentrating on their life in the US, the Duke of Sussex “broods over the past”.

Meghan and Harry stepped back from royal duties in 2020. They went on to lob a number of bombshell allegations over the gates of Buckingham Palace besides pursuing projects such as the Invictus Games and the Duchess’s new brand, American Riviera Orchard.

Mr Quinn claimed: “Meghan appears to have moved on to some extent, but then she was only part of the Royal Family for a relatively short time. She has more to focus on in the States than her husband has.”

He told the Mirror that Meghan is the main driver of the Sussexes’ commercial ventures in the US, while Harry “has a little to do beyond brooding over the past”.

Relationship expert Louella Alderson told the same publication Harry and Meghan may be focusing on different priorities.

She said: “Given Harry was born into the Royal Family in Britain, it’s understandable that he would have a strong emotional attachment to his past as part of the Royal Family.

“On the other hand, Meghan was born and raised in America and it would feel more like home to her and so it makes sense that she has an easier time moving on from their time as working members of the Royal Family and is focused on her opportunities in the US.”

It emerged recently that Harry listed the United States as his permanent residence in official documents, leading Press Box PR expert Lynn Carratt to suggest the Duke’s “heart isn’t in the UK anymore” but he has no need to become a US citizen.

She added, however, that Harry can’t get any more British, given he was born in the UK, is a member of the Royal Family and his father is king.

Harry’s listing sparked debate as to whether or not he could become a US citizen and what that would mean for the Duke’s titles.

New York-based immigration lawyer Gita Gorji told Daily Express US that the constitution of the United States only forbids the US Government of granting noble titles and says nothing about titles bestowed by foreign governments, a legal loophole which means Harry could retain his royal status.

Ms Alderson, speaking on behalf of the So Syncd dating app, said Harry and Meghan’s different experiences don’t necessarily mean the couple aren’t supportive of each other.

She said: “As a couple, they may be able to navigate these differences and find ways to support each other in their respective pursuits.

“It could simply be a matter of balancing individual ambitions with their shared commitment as a married couple.”

Ultimately, communication and understanding between Harry and Meghan will determine how the Sussexes navigate any differences, according to the relationship expert.

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