Meghan Markle may be forced to skip key event with Prince Harry due to public backlash | Royal | News

Prince Harry is set to attend a major event in London in May, but doubts remain if his wife Meghan will join him as the Royal Family reels from cancer scares.

Both King Charles, 75, and Kate, the Princess of Wales, 42, have revealed they are fighting the disease, with Kate bravely releasing a video statement to the nation on March 22.

The relationship between Prince Harry and Kate’s husband Prince William has reportedly been strained ever since the Duke of Sussex made comments about her and his family in his bombshell autobiography and Netflix Series.

Prince Harry did make a whistlestop visit to Britain in February following the announcement the King was battling cancer, but it is not thought the Sussexes were made aware of the Princess of Wales’s health struggles before her statement to the world. has now exclusively learned both Harry and Meghan are on the guest list for the Invictus Games 10th Anniversary Service to be held at St. Paul’s Cathedral on May 8.

But with tensions simmering, a source said now might not be the right time for the both Sussexes to make an appearance.

They said: “Harry and Meghan are very keen to mend the relationship with his family, but they know that now might not be the right time, especially in light of Kate’s cancer announcement.

“They [the Sussexes] are happy to wait until the time is right before working on mending fences and building bridges. That means Meghan might have to sit this one out until the feeling among the public indicates that it is the right time to return.”

There has been a massive outpouring of support for both the King and mother-of-three Kate since their cancer fights were made public.

Queen Camilla has said the Princess of Wales is “thrilled” by all the public support when she met two sisters holding posters with the poignant words “send our love to Kate”.

Camilla was mobbed by thousands of well-wishers during a visit to a farmers’ market in Shrewsbury town centre where two youngsters waited patiently with their mother hoping to catch the royal’s eye.

When the Queen came across them during a walkabout, she stopped to say hello to ten-year-old Harriet and Lois Waterston, aged six, who handed over the posters the pair had made the day before, decorated with stars and hearts.

The older schoolgirl apologised, saying “I’m sorry they’re a bit creased” but Camilla crouched down to talk to them and said: “I’ll take them carefully and we’ll make sure she knows they’re coming”.

The visit to Shrewsbury was the Queen’s first royal engagement with members of the public since the monarchy’s double cancer scare.

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