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Carrying a black umbrella, Mr Mosley left the Agios Nikolaos beach on the island of Symi at around 1.30pm local time on Wednesday, June 5 in temperatures around 40C.

It has not been confirmed why he was going on the walk. However, according Greek journalist Ionna Niaoti speaking to TalkTV, Mr Mosely said he was “not feeling very well and he wanted to return home”.

He walked to the village of Pedi, without his phone, before making his way round to the other side of the bay from Agios Nikolaos beach. CCTV footage then saw him heading towards a rugged mountain path.

Those were the last images of the doctor.

After an initial examination there were “no obvious injuries” to Dr Mosley’s body, with foul play ruled out. However, only after a formal examination at a hospital in Rhodes will a cause of death be confirmed.

A spokesman for the coroner said: “It looks like it was a fall but we need establish whether he had a medical episode before that and it will take time.”

The Dr’s body was found on Sunday underneath a fence that lines a bar on Agia Marina beach.

Mr Mosley’s adult children arrived on the Greek island during the search operation and were said to have been scouring the mountainside, just 350ft from where their father lay dead.

Not only did This Morning doctor’s kids get incredibly close to finding their deceased dad, a helicopter is said to have missed him “20 times” during the search.

Rescuers missing Mr Mosley’s body was put down to “bad luck”. Instead, it was a TV crew filming with the local mayor and his deputy.

The local cameraman, known as Antonios, reportedly managed to locate the body earlier this morning – just 260ft from the nearest resort. Speaking to Sky News he said that he spotted “something on the beach near the fence.”

Sky News reports that he “took a picture of the photo on the camera screen using an iPhone – zooming in on the phone”.

Colleagues of Dr Michael Mosley have led tributes, hailing the late TV broadcaster, producer and columnist as a “national treasure” and a “kind and gentle man”, after his death while holidaying on a Greek island was confirmed.

The 67-year-old TV personality was with friends at Agios Nikolaos beach on Symi on Wednesday before going missing during a walk by himself to the centre of the island.

Clare Bailey Mosley confirmed a body found on Sunday morning in a rocky area near Agia Marina beach on Symi was her husband, describing the loss as “devastating”.

Mimi Spencer, who co-authored The Fast Diet with Dr Mosley, paid tribute to him as “immediately likeable, genuinely funny” and said she will “miss him terribly”.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, she said: “In person he was very much the sort of figure that you would see on television: immediately likeable, genuinely funny, enthusiastic, he had this innate enthusiasm about life and he was always very generous with his time.

“He had a brilliant line in tangential anecdote which comes out of his broadcasting as well, that his mind would go down rabbit holes and come out with fantastic snippets of information, and talking to him in person was much like that, you never quite knew where you were going to arrive, but the journey was always fascinating.”

Ms Spencer said she believes the 5:2 intermittent fasting plan and The Fast Diet, which the pair helped popularise, gave Mosley so much joy “because it benefited so many people”.

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