Moment huge brawl breaks out in parliament over new Putin laws | World | News

Huge fights have broken out in Georgia’s parliament after a controversial new bill was passed.

The divisive “foreign agents” bill sparked weeks-long protests in the country over concerns it’s modelled on laws used by President Vladimir Putin in neighbouring Russia.

A new video shows the moment protesters rush forward into the parliament building before shouting and lunging at politicians.

The law requires media and nongovernmental organisations, as well as other non-profits, to register as “pursuing the interests of a foreign power” if they receive more than 20 percent of funding from abroad.

Protests have erupted in the country leading up to the final reading of the bill this afternoon (Tuesday, May 14).

Those against the bill fear it is a threat to democractic freedoms as well as the country’s hope of joining the EU.

The bill is nearly identical to one that the governing Georgian Dream party was pressured to withdraw last year after street protests.

It’s been labelled ‘the Russian law’ because it draws similarities to Moscow legislation that targets anti-Kremlin news companies – leading to critics saying the bill is a sign of Putin’s influence on the country.

A protester told Sky News’ Dominic Waghorn it is “absolutely insane that a country like Georgia has accepted this bill as it’s a complete violation for our future”.

The medical student said the bill “makes us more far away from Europe and the rest of the world”, while bringing Georgia closer to the Russian government.

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