‘My neighbours won’t stop this habit – I’ve confronted them’

A man has taken to Reddit‘s ‘Neighbours From Hell’ forum to seek advice on how to get his neighbours to pack in an irritating habit.

He explained they play “profanity-laden” music with “heavy bass” for hours every day, despite him having spoken to them about it. When confronted about the situation, he said the neighbours seemed apologetic, but it continued.

He wrote: “Our neighbours play heavy heavy bass music for hours a day. It’s always profanity-laden which is odd cause they have small kids. Can start as early as 10am on a Monday, if not, 3pm-7.30pm without fail.

“We’ve asked them to chill before and they were very apologetic but it hasn’t stopped. There are ordinances we can put on them but I don’t want to cause too much of a rift. That being said, we’ve lost patience. Advice?”

One person suggested he should: “Go ahead with the ordinances. You’re not causing the rift, they already did it with insincere apologies but no change in behaviour.”

Another individual suggested a more tit-for-tat approach, proposing to retaliate in kind. They wrote: “Start blasting ‘Baby Shark’ at 8am each morning for a couple of hours or as soon as you get home each day.”

This comes after a woman also found herself in a horrible situation with her neighbours, when she became the talk of the village just three months after moving into her “forever home” with her husband.

She shared on Mumsnet that a disgruntled neighbour confronted her about parking in front of her house just three nights after they moved in – and she was less than impressed.

She said: “We have a cottage with parking under both windows, they have a two bed cottage with, well no parking.”

The neighbour kept shouting ‘One cottage, one car’ and started with ‘You have been told’. The woman’s husband was shocked when he answered the door and when she tried to defuse the situation, the neighbour was grumpy and walked off repeating ‘One cottage, one car’.

She also revealed that days later she overheard her neighbour’s husband complaining about her to someone in the village. On another occasion, she found their missing cat but received no thanks.

She fumed: “I’m at a loss as I feel stressed in our garden, and I love my garden, and it is taking the shine off our new home. I’ve said to my hubby maybe this won’t be our forever home after all, but my mum says we should stick our grounds until they move.”

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