Mystery sighting of ‘crashed object’ stuns experts as ‘underwater aliens’ investigated | World | News

A mysterious US Navy sonar recording revealed an “unusual trench” on the seafloor, as scientists are now looking into the possibility of ‘underwater aliens’.

Timothy Gallaudet, the former head of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), said the strange anomaly seen on the seabed off the coast of California had baffled oceanic experts.

He said the sonar indicated that “an object has crashed into a ridge and then skidded to a halt”. The former US Navy Rear Admiral has spent the last 18 months interviewing dozens of sailors, submariners, military personnel and members of the US Coastguard, all of whom have seen unidentified objects in the water, amid speculation over alien crafts. 

Several dozen senior US Navy officials told him about witnessing “phenomena in our oceans, the tropical eastern and western Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean, and the North Atlantic and eastern seaboard”.

Mr Gallaudet has now urged the Pentagon to shift its focus from UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) in the sky to the mysterious moving objects under the water.

Talking about the strange sonar finding, Mr Gallaudet told the Telegraph that he wants to send a remote-controlled submarine to the spot to see if there are signs of what caused the phenomena.

He said: “I cannot explain this feature and therefore want to use a ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) to dive from a ship and capture video of it. That may allow us to identify its detailed characteristics and potentially determine what caused it.

“No one has agreed to provide a ship or ROV yet. A hypothesis is that it may have been formed by an interaction of an UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) or USO with the seabed.”

He said these unknown objects can sometimes travel in the deep ocean waters without ever emerging above water.

Mr Gallaudet suggested that concrete evidence for USOs may be found in the US Navy’s acoustic data, but this remains classified.

He released a report on USOs earlier this week, alongside the Sol Foundation, a group of academics, military and government officials committed to researching UFOs.

The foundation warned that USO investigations should be a national ocean research priority for the US and argued that the underwater anomalies threaten maritime security.

Previously released US Navy footage of USOs include an incident filmed by the USS Omaha off the coast of San Diego in southern California in 2019, when a dark-shaped object was seen moving quickly before splashing down into the water.

The new report also details an incident in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, where a thermal imaging system on a US Customs and Border Protection aircraft picked up a fast-moving craft that entered the Atlantic Ocean.

Garry Nolan, from Stanford University School of Medicine, helped found the Sol Foundation.

He said: “Objects have been recorded by sonar moving at speeds underwater that are far beyond our best submarines or other hardware. Similarly, objects close to the surface have been observed by pilots in multiple flyovers. Objects have been observed rising from the ocean as seen from the decks of military or commercial ships.

“The appropriate stance to take at first is to try to explain these observations as mistaken or electronic glitches. The problem is that some of these events involve multiple simultaneous observations or sensor system measurements. Therefore, the chance of multiple coincidental glitches is unlikely and therefore it opens the question of whether these represent some kind of non-human intelligence at work.”

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