Nigel Farage points out ‘real Labour leader’ in BBC election debate | Politics | News

Nigel Farage took a huge swipe at Sir Keir Starmer as he claimed Angela Rayner was Labour’s “real leader” during tonight’s BBC General Election debate.

The Reform UK leader insisted current political leaders are “dull” and singled out the Labour leader.

He said: “I have to say I think this has been one of the worst General Election campaigns so far between the two main parties that I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.”

Prompting laughter from the audience, the Brexit architect went on: “It isn’t just that their leaders are dull, very dull in the case of Labour, sort of Blair without the flair.”

Turning to deputy Labour leader Ms Rayner, he continued: “I mean the real leader of the Labour Party is here tonight on the stage, at least she’s got some personality.

“We’ve got Rishi slippery Sunak, he’s fed all the lines to Penny Mordaunt, don’t believe any of it.

“I think it isn’t just our public services that are broken, I think our political model is broken.

“The arguments that are going on here, the truth is they don’t really disagree on anything, fictitious numbers like £2,000.

“That is why Reform has risen so quickly in the polls. There is a sense we need a revolt against the system, we need an electoral system where we get some proportional representation in Parliament, we need to break up the current model.

“When we get a new type of politics in Britain we might just get some real change. What we’re being offered frankly is two parties promising the earth and nothing much will change regardless of who gets in.

“Although I think the breach of trust on manifestos with the Conservatives means they’re probably sunk below the water line.

“New politics, fresh start, we want a revolt from the British people, that’s what I’m after.”

But Ms Rayner hit back: “To be fair it’s always all about Nigel and we’ve had this type of clown personality before with Boris Jhonson.”

The moment came during a question from an audience member on why “when parties want your votes they promise things but when they’re elected nothing gets done”.

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