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Parents are ‘at war with drivers’ as cars continue to use blocked-off road at Edinburgh school drop-off times. Concerned parents have alerted police to dangerous driving near their kids’ school.

Council bosses put up signs and plant pots in front of Granton Primary School on Wardieburn Street West to make the route safer for pupils and their families.

However, Edinburgh Live reports that cars, including taxis, are still using this road during morning and afternoon school runs, resulting in an unsafe environment for kids going to and leaving school.

One worried dad explained that his seven-year-old son was clipped by a car on his way to school, leaving him bruised. Rab, 56, who asked to be identified by only his first name, was walking with Zander just before 8.50am on March 18 when the incident happened.

Road signs dissuade vehicles from using Wardieburn Street West during busy times specifically between 8am and 10am to allow pedestrians to comfortably walk to and from school and promote physical fitness.

Nevertheless, according to Rab, drivers are ignoring the scheme, leaving him “absolutely furious” because he sees around 30 drivers disregarding the guidance daily, reports Edinburgh Live.

The retired father talked to Edinburgh Live at the location where the collision took place. He commented: “This road is great for walking your kids to school but it is such a shame that some people continue to flout the rules and drive down here when kids are coming out.”

Terrified schoolboy Zander was left badly shaken after being hit by a motorist ignoring glaring road signs. Horrified dad Gary Brown said: “It was a bit of a shock when it happened and my son is fine now but I want to highlight this so no other child needs to be scared of being hurt on their way to or back from school.”

“The big signs have been there for some time now, and they are close to loads of other schools in Edinburgh so I think a fair few local drivers need to check their highway code book because it is not on.”

“I think this road is dangerous, there are around 30 cars every day that ignore the big signs and we need to see more enforcement by the council and the police to stop drivers because someone will end up being seriously hurt.”

Brave Zander, whose favourite subject is maths at school, got up after being bumped by the vehicle and went on his way to have a great day at school.

The seven year old said: “I got hit here and I think they should put fences at the top ends of the street to stop cars getting down here.”

Zander’s dad isn’t the only parent worried about local motorists ignoring the rules. Robert Balfour, 49, picks his son up from school almost every day and spoke to Edinburgh Live about the situation.

The local takeaway driver said: “The amount of cars that turn up in the morning is absolutely awful and I think a child will end up being seriously hurt one day.”

“I’ve walked down here during peak times and the amount of drivers that just ignore the rules is awful and I actually feel very threatened when I walk down the road.”

Granton Primary School staff said they are aware of issues with traffic outside and are in close contact with both Police Scotland and the council’s road safety team. They also provide regular updates in newsletters for parents about the traffic restrictions.

Councillor Scott Arthur, Transport and Environment Convener, said: “These planters are in place to limit vehicle access to the street at busy times, creating a safer route to school for children and families. Anyone choosing to ignore the advice is risking the safety of our most vulnerable road users. Putting personal convenience before the safety of children is an utterly reprehensible act.”

“We will be reviewing the locations and traffic orders to consider more permanent arrangements in the future and would encourage people to take heed of the features, which are in place for a reason.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Around 9.50am on Thursday, 21 March, 2024, we were called to a report of drivers not obeying traffic signs in Wardieburn Street West, Edinburgh. Additional parking patrols will be carried out in the area.”

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