Prince Harry and Meghan LIVE: Royal Family snubs Sussexes | Royal | News

King Charles is experiencing “great sadness” due to the strained relationship with his grandchildren, Archie and Lilibet, which ensures he would “never” sever ties with Prince Harry.

That’s according to a Royal expert who claims that the monarch’s battle with cancer has intensified his desire to connect with his grandchildren, making the situation “all the more poignant” as he faces the reality that his time is not infinite.

In her latest work, ‘My Mother and I: The Inside Story of the King and Our Late Queen’, Ingrid Seward reveals: “Family has always been important to the King.

He remembers his own somewhat fragmented childhood as his parents were always busy doing their duty. It is a great sadness to him he doesn’t see more of Archie and Lilibet.”

Seward further explains the King’s stance, saying: “That is why he will never break ties with Harry. He does not want a FaceTime relationship with his son’s children.

“He wants to know them and be involved with their lives while they are still young enough to be able to learn from his wisdom.

“His cancer has made it all the more poignant to him as he knows that he won’t be around forever,” she added.

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