Sir Keir’s pledge card is destined for the scrapheap, warns Tory chair | Politics | News

23 years ago, Labour launched a manifesto and John Prescott and landed a punch.

Today, in pale imitation, Sir Keir launched his own pledge card but all he landed was the increasing realisation he will say anything but believe absolutely nothing.

Today was supposed to be, finally, about his big vision for a Labour Government. But his 16th rebrand went the same as the previous 15. There is no plan, never mind any idea how he will go about achieving what he says.

Sir Keir is a man without principles and without a plan for hardworking people. His meaningless Blair-imitation pledge card will go on the scrapheap just like the other 70 broken promises.

To govern is to decide. But all Sir Keir keeps proving is that he’d be incapable of governing. You can only turn something off and on again so many times before you realise it’s never going to work.

With every broken pledge, it shows that Starmer will say whatever he thinks people want to hear one moment, then drop it the next.

The contrast with our Prime Minister is crystal clear. Through a difficult couple of years, he has taken the tough decisions and there is now light at the end of the tunnel.

£900 of tax cuts for working people. A £900 rise in pensions with our triple-lock for people who’ve worked hard all their lives. A plan to stop the boats starting to bear fruit. Inflation down to 3 per cent from over 11 per cent.

Our plan is working while Labour still don’t have one.

Nothing is achieved by those incapable of making the difficult decisions and who don’t believe anything.

Even in opposition, Sir Keir has already surrendered to his union paymasters on Labour’s French-style union laws. He lives in constant fear of the 50—odd hard-left Labour MPs who would happily abolish the monarchy, scrap our nuclear deterrent, and turn our armed forces into a Peace Corps.

Despite his claims, Labour has not changed since Starmer was sucking up to Corbyn and campaigning for a second referendum. While he might dress up as a Tony Blair impersonator, the British people aren’t buying his half-baked tribute act.

If Starmer got into Downing Street it would be the same old Labour: higher taxes, reckless spending and uncontrolled immigration. The hard-fought progress we’ve made would be lost, and we’d be back to square one.

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