The Beats Solo 4 headphones are on sale for their best price to date

If you’re still kicking along with the last-gen Beats Solo, now is a pretty good time to upgrade. It took Apple less than two weeks to discount the 2024 refresh of its alt brand’s on-ear headphones, the Beats Solo 4, to $149.95. And now, not even a month later, the price has dropped even further at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, where you can grab them for an all-time low of around $129.95 ($70 off).

We find the Beats Solo 4 to be a very solid pair of headphones that are well equipped to handle most listening needs. You’re still getting Beats’ signature bass biased sound, which hasn’t changed much over the prior model. It really didn’t need to, though, and the headphones now support head tracking spatial audio when paired with an iPhone. Android users, meanwhile, get automatic device switching between Android, Chromebooks, and other devices.

Apple peppered in more meaningful quality-of-life changes, too, such as lossless audio over USB-C or 3.5mm (which doesn’t degrade when the generous 50-hour battery dies), built-in Find My support, and added comfort. It’s still somewhat of a downer that Apple neglected to add water resistance and active noise cancellation, but it’s a little more forgivable at this price, and they can still naturally block a decent bit of sound with their slightly cushier ear cups.

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